Superior 3'x6' Mr. Brush Step Entrance Mat - #109

Superior 3'x6' Mr. Brush Step Entrance Mat - #109
Brush Step Indoor Entrance Matting This indoor matting can be used for entranceways, lobbies, and all light to medium traffic areas. FEATURES: " A lighter-weight double rib high / low design that performs the scraping function of the mat (Note: ribs run length of mat). " 18 ounces of needle-punched yarn per square yard. " Overall thickness of 3/8 inch to perform in narrow clearance doorways. " Vinyl backing helps reduce mat movement. " Proven to have good wate retention, crush resistance, and soil resistance from Independent Test Labs. OTHER SPECIFICATIONS: Stock Size: 3' x 10 Weight: 23 lbs. NOTE: The color of the mat being sold is brown; not neccesarily the color shown in the picture.

  • Brand: Superior Manufacturing Floormats
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